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Still Alive

The first three weeks of school have been unlike any of the other first three weeks of school I've ever had... If that makes any sense to you. Perhaps its the thought of graduating sometime in 2002 and having to leave this place... and this lifestyle... and my friends... But whatever it is, it has made me seize the day in a major way.

I'm enrolled in 19 hours of classes, I'm still doing some work at the campus paper, I'm working on a campus television program and I've managed to go out and socialize most every night. It's strange, but the more I do, the better I seem to feel. Of course, all this doing leaves little time for writing... And that is why the Live Journal and "A Window Into My World" have been quiet lately.

My weekend resolution is to make time to write. My roommate is going out of town and I have no football game to cover Saturday. I have activities planned for the evening... but I really have no excuse not to crank out an entry to two during the day... And that's the plan (just to let you know).

Thanks for checking in on me (gee, I hope someone is checking on me) and hanging with me until I spend some quality time at the computer once again.
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