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2003 Round-Up

Changed Jobs? -- Thankfully, no.

Changed Residence? -- No, but I thought about it.

Changed Haircut? -- I wish. Maybe in '04.

Changed Email Address? -- Nope.

Changed Cars? -- Yes, baby! 2003 F-150.

Gone on a Vacation? -- Yep. Chi-town.

Outside of the Continental US? -- Nope.

Made New Friends? -- Yes.

Let Old Friends fall out of contact? -- Yes.

Been to a Funeral? -- Yes.

Been to a Birth? -- No. Wow. What a question?

Dated Someone? -- Yes.

Exclusively? -- Not really.

Fallen in Love? -- Not that I know of.

Fallen out of Love? -- Not that I know of.

Told someone you loved them (romantically)? -- No.

Told someone you loved them (non-romantically)? -- Probably.

Cried in front of someone? -- Once. In December.

Went to a movie alone? -- Yes -- For the first time as an adult.

Baked a cake? -- No, but I decorated one.

Mailed a birthday card? -- Probably not. I'm a shitty friend.

Thrown a party? -- Nope.

Thrown a punch? -- I don't think so... not a real one, at least.

Taken a punch? -- Nope.

Urinated somewhere other than a bathroom? -- I'm guessing so.

While still wearing your clothes? -- Probably. Who pee's naked?

Vomitted from drinking too much? -- Not since October 1998.

Taken Naked Pictures? -- Hrm. I'll never tell.

Sent them to someone Via Email? -- Heh. Heh.

Had Sex? -- A few times.

Sober? -- Yep.

Or on a Bathroom Floor? -- No. But do I get points for the kitchen?

Lied about an Orgasm? -- No. It's hard to do.

Cheated on Someone? -- Define cheat.

Used Illegal Drugs? -- Never.

Drunken Bar Makeout? -- Not makeout, but druken bar kisses.

Stiffed a cabbie and then ran? -- No.

Gone to work in the clothes you were wearing the night before? -- Not to work.

Ran a redlight? -- Probably.

Bludgened someone with a hard object (2x4, baseball bat, etc) ? -- What the hell?
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