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Catching up on new year's business...

Resolutions from last year:
1. Take better care of my body.
2. Trim up and look good in a tux at Zoe's wedding.
3. Successfully wrap up my probationary year at work.
4. Heavily pad my saving account for rainy days.
5. Be a better friend to some folks.

Resolution success (or lack thereof):
1. Initially, yes. Eventually, no.
2. See above. I looked good... but still my same size.
3. I did this with flying colors.
4. No padding of the savings, but I did buy a truck.
5. Yes to some. Not so much to others.

Resolutions for 2004:
1. Take better care of my body.
2. Run without something chasing me.
3. Not take my dream job for granted.
4. Get finances in order. Save money.
5. Resolve the great relationship saga.
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