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To refresh everyone's memory, I made a PhonePost back on December 15th outlining my woman troubles. Well, one of those troubles bubbled into a boil tonight.

Jessie is here in Franklin. We had the talk. She says that after eight years of friendship, she wants a shot at us dating. Out of the blue, she wants me to decide to date her. Exclusively. Just she & I. It all seems like too much to me. Would I like to date her? Well, now that I've been forced to look at it... Maybe. But I don't want to date her at gun point. I've told her this. She's in the other room crying.

This entire ordeal makes my physically ill. I may have an ulcer. The Jessie & I saga alone would be enough to drive a man insane... but I also have Alex to consider. Sigh. Seriously. I feel nauseous now. The whole reason I always insisted that Jessie & I just be friends is so that I could never hurt her like I did back in '99. Somehow, I've found a way to hurt her without even trying. This sucks so much.
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