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The loot

It's probably hard to really disappoint me at Christmas simply because I clam up sometime around late October. I know exactly what I want January through September... but when people start making lists to check twice, I'm at a loss for suggestions. On of my resolutions for 2004 is to make an on-going list so that I don't have to hear "you're so hard to shop for" next time around. In the mean time, some of the highlights of this year's bounty include...

Mom: Money, a pair of jeans, some sweats, an electronic stud finder (18 months in the apartment & I'm still hanging stuff), some cutlery, some firefighter/Christmas-themed items, 3 Doors Down's "Away From The Sun" CD and this really nice bench-type deal for my apartment (seats 3 comfortably).

My brother: A beer -- I mean, ice -- chest, a Larry the Cable Guy CD and some bits & adapters for my drill.

Jessie: A red fleece pull-over, a t-shirt from one of my favorite college teams and the offer to sew a cushion for the aforementioned bench-type deal for my apartment (which seats 3 comfortably).

My great aunt: A check with plural zeros, a digital voice recorder and a play-at-home Jeopardy game (because, as she says, everyone needs a toy under the tree).

Jessie's parents: Most notably, a new Dockers-brand coat.

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