Thomas Fletcher (fletch31526) wrote,
Thomas Fletcher

Back in the saddle again

Livejournal has been down every time I've tried to read my friends this week. Sure, I'm trying to log on at peak usage times... but that's what works for me. And I guess they are good times for others, too. That would explain why they call 'em "peak usage times."

I'm moved into the dorms, I'm enrolled in class (19 hours! Lord, help me.) and life is rolling along nicely. My roommate is a little wierd at times, but he could be one of the better folks I've ever been forced to live with.

Perhaps the best thing about this semester so far is that I'm not the editor of my student newspaper any more. I've stepped down to focus on my studies and not being editor feels good. Sure, I'm sitting in the paper office at 1 a.m. writing this entry... but I don't *have* to be here... And that's a mighty fine feeling.
Tags: college
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