Thomas Fletcher (fletch31526) wrote,
Thomas Fletcher

Phone Post: Turn out the lights

259K 1:07
“Go ahead, if you will, and stop what you're doing and thank cellular technology. Because I had a long-ass phone post put together and my cell phone kicked off. So, you were saved from what I'm sure was probably not too exciting. Anyway, to summarize I guess what I was going to say... Is that according to my clock we're now moments past Christmas. Christmas is over. It's the 26th. And for a guy who looks forward to Christmas coming every year, it's sort of a bummer. You know, instead of counting down the days 'til Christmas now we're, you know, we've reset it and now I guess we're at 366 until Christmas '04. But, uh, no complaints, really because it was a good day. Didn't get any kind of big gift items, but I really didn't ask for anything. So, there's no disappointment. Just had a great time spending time with friends and family and you can't go wrong with that. I hope you guys got everything you wanted, or, at the least got something you can tolerate. And I hope everybody had a Merry Christmas as I did. And I guess now that it's the 26th, I can begin wishing people a Happy New Year as well. So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

Transcribed by: fletch31526
Tags: christmas, voicepost

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