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More new things

For several years, I've been hearing about deep fried turkeys. However, I've yet to get to try one. Tonight, a former employee stopped by the station with a fried turkey for the on-duty crew. Wow. They'd added a whole host of flavorings and such... but the remarkable thing was how juicy it was. Although I eat it at the holidays, I've never been a big fan of turkey simply because most of them end up being dry. Tonight's bird ooozed with moisture. I wasn't the only fan. With a half-dozen people in the station, there's little more than turkey bones left in the pan.

As a firefighter, however, I must say that the practice of deep frying turkeys can be dangerous. Seriously. It's so dangerous that Underwriters Laboratories (UL) refuses to certify any turkey fryer. If you're frying this year, be sure to read this.

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