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Not quite the same, but...

For the last two years, my church has lacked a minister. My mother was on a worship committee and somewhere along the way I volunteered to help out. In both 2001 and 2002, I led our Christmas Eve service and got to play the part of Linus. We had members of the church read different parts of scripture. Finding folks willig to read in public is sometime a difficult task. There always seemed to be a shortage and so I always volunteered to read Luke 2:8-19... That's the piece of the Christmas story that begins with the shepherds abiding in the fields.

This year, we have a minister. He's doing things his way... and ol' Fletch has been retired from active duty. I'll admit my voice sounds a little odd at times -- even to fellow Southerners. And although I scored a "B" in my radio & television announcing class in college, I probably have very little voice-over work in my future. Yet, I enjoyed reading the scripture. So much so, that this Christmas Eve won't pass without Fletch telling a part of the Christmas story.

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