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Late night / Early morning run

Pending a natural (or Fletch-made) disaster of some sort... this is the last real night of my summer vacation. My final day of freedom was spent sleeping and sitting in front of the computer. My truck spent the day in the shop getting a new alternator. My last meal of freedom was spaghetti. I wanted to go to The Best Friend's place to spend the night, but fell asleep after dinner... and didn't wake up until it was too late.

After spending 10 p.m. to 1 a.m piddling and failing to make sense of my many thoughts and shape them into a real journal entry... I put shorts and shoes on and went running. I've never ran at 1:15 in the morning... but then again, I haven't done a lot of running any time of the day in the last eight years or so. Two miles later, I feel much better. I've got many more thoughts that would make fine journal entries... if I could only put them in some sort of order. I've run two miles four times now in the last week or so. I hope I can keep this up during the semester. The results seem to be benficial mentally and physically.
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