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So, today is a return for reality for me. I've been away from work since last Tuesday night... and away from Franklin for nearly as long. I spent four days in southern Louisiana as I was a groomsman in my first Catholic wedding. The wedding was nice... but I think I'm partial to those Catholic receptions. :-)

Of course, the wedding didn't come without its share of difficulties. Actually, everything went well wedding-wise. However, because Jessie & I were driving back up Saturday night, I couldn't attend a Christmas party with Alex. Thus, Alex thinks that Jessie controls my every decision and somehow arranged it so that I couldn't go to the party. ::sigh:: Granted, a wedding is not the best place for a man with relationship issues to clear his mind... but I'm thinking this thing with Alex has turned wierd.

Last week, I happened to have both Alex and Jessie in my mom's house at one time. Needless to say, there was tension. They both think that the other is out to get what is their's. (Me... if you can believe that.) I find this behavior to be completely retarded. The thing is, at least Jessie & I talk about normal stuff. When Alex & I talk, it always seems to be about how Jessie is controlling me or whatever. Alex always tells me how her friends say I need to dump Jessie in favor of Alex. When did this become "Who Wants To Date Thomas Fletcher"? The thing is... the mere idea that I would get rid of a friend that's been around for nearly a decade is crazy... especially just because someone else came along and said to do it.

I don't know how things will turn out. I'm still sorting through a lot of issues. I still want to spend more quality time with Alex. But, I hate people who seek out drama. I hate the word drama. And I refuse to be a part of anything situation that will result in heavy drama. I think there is room for both of them in my life... And maybe that's crazy thinking on my part. But if either stick to this "me vs. them" deal... they'll end up driving me away instead of bringing me closer.
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