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First (paid) job: Working on a tomato farm, c. 1992

First screen name: fletch31526

First self purchased album: Not sure.

First pets: Sparky the dalmatian & many nameless fish

First funeral: My grandfather, 1987.

First piercing/tattoo: None.

First true love: Hrm. I think I'll wait on this one.

First enemy: I'm a lover, not a fighter.

First big trip: Disney World, 1984

First concert: Restless Heart, c. 1995

First musician you remember hearing in your house: "Alabama"


Last cigarette: Never.

Last kiss: Last night in my mom's yard

Last cry: Sunday night during a fairly heavy conversation with Jessie.

Last library book checked out: I have no idea.

Last movie seen: Love Actually

Last book read: Hrm. I start a few... I need to finish them.

Last cuss word uttered: Probably shit. Or damn. Maybe hell. Could be fuck.

Last beverage drank: Coca-Cola Classic

Last food consumed: A GrandMa's brand vanilla cream cookie

Last phone call: To check my voice mail.

Last time showered: This morning before work.

Last shoes worn: Wearing work boots now.

Last cd played: One that Alex burned for me.

Last item bought: A Coca-Cola Classic

Last annoyance: A patient that seemed sickly touched me.

Last key used: Truck key.

Last sleep: This morning from 4-6.

Last time scolded: I don't know. It happens so often.

Last dancing: Imitation ballet for my cousins on Thanksgiving.

Last show attended: Show? Like Broadway show? Well, that would be a never.
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