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I stand by the belief that passionate people are passionate in all sorts of ways -- both good and bad. Alex & I are both very passionate people. Tonight, we sort of took a five-year step backwards towards the bad.

We were talking about something and I had to clarify a point. She said, "oh, that's not what I thought you meant." And, of course, I asked her what she thought I meant. We started a round of "tell me" and "no, it's no big deal." We went round and round and it actually got heated for a bit... Or as heated as a lame little discussion can. Suddenly, there was a silence that lasted for two or three solid minutes. I was petty. I refused to talk until she did. She finally broke the silence. She finally gave in. And she was right, it was no big deal.

I feel bad now. She called that a fight. It wasn't a fight. Trust me, I can tell many stories about fights. Hell, what just happened on the phone wasn't even an argument. It was merely heated discourse. But she labeled it a fight... and then said that she had to go to bed... Of course, she did have to go to bed, but I just hate ending a conversation where I don't feel like I'm on the same page with the person I'm talking to.

I apologized for keeping her up. I apologized for starting the whole stupid thing. I got nothing from her except... "What do you want me to say? Okay -- accepted," in a tone that was anything but accepting. She went on to say that she thought it would take us longer than a few weeks to fight. What's that supposed to mean? I have no idea what I want to happen with her. I'm getting plenty of "when's the wedding" e-mail, but I think there are still uncertainties. What happened tonight isn't one of them, but the way she reacted to it is.
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