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A report from the front

ME: You've seen Bull Durham?

ALEX: I own it.

ME: So, you know that scene where Susan Sarandon sends the note down to Crash through the little bat boy or whatever? And Crash writes a note back and hands it to the kid and says, "this is personal, so don't read it." And the kid hands it to that girl -- What's her name? She's the one who fucks Nuke LaLoosh... Anyway. -- and she reads it. And then Susan Sarandon wants to know what it says. Do you remember that scene?

ALEX: Yeah, but I don't remember what the note said.

ME: It said...

ME SOUNDING AS SERIOUS AS I COULD: "I want to make love to you."

Somehow, that little dialogue doesn't sound as cool written out in an LJ entry as it sounded on the phone. Alex said that when I said "I want to make love to you," she could feel it inside her. Wow. That's cool. I guess my high school speech teacher was right... I am an effective speaker. Heh.

Our conversations were interrupted several times by things like dead cell batteries and emergency calls (I'm at work)... so we actually had about a half-dozen or so phone calls between us tonight. Doing the rough math, I think we talked for about five hours total counting them all. What the hell? I haven't done that since high school... when I was dating... um... uh... Jessie. What's really crazy is how totally honest I'm being with Alex. I'm not even sure what I want from all of this, but I know that I'm putting a lot more of me out there than I ever have before. She promised tonight that she wouldn't hurt me. Here's hoping that we can both make & keep that promise.
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