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The News...

Well, they took a look into my aunt's abdomen... And the news isn't good. They ended up pulling both ovaries and removing some cancer from the outside of her colon. Unfortunately, those were just the big areas. There are spots of cancer throughout her abdomen. The doctor compared it to someone pouring sand in there.

Right now, we're on hold for a while. If this turns about to be part of her breast cancer (that they thought they'd gotten out) that's gone and masticized... the treatment options aren't good. However, if this is ovarian cancer and it's just spread, chemotherapy is a good option. Without treatment, the prognosis is six months. The samples of the cells have been sent off for tests. We'll know what sort of cancer we're dealing with in three days.

I'm not sure how I feel about all of this. I used to say that when the doctor *guessed* that my mom had cancer earlier this year... it didn't phase me. I wasn't emotional. I didn't miss a beat. But, I've been very reserved about my aunt's condition. I've been concerned. I don't get concerned about such thing unneccessarily. But, there is no use is getting wound up until we know what we're dealing with. That happens in three days.
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