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Well, I just dropped my mom off at the airport. Her plane leaves at 6a and I had her there by 4:30. I just talked to her. She said she had to wait for the ticket counter to open and had cleared security and was sitting at her gate before 5:00. I don't feel bad for getting her there early because within an hour the Franklin Airport (all 12 or so gates) will become a mad house. If there is another terrorist attack using planes, I doubt the bad guys will board a plane from Franklin... The TSA goes the extra mile to create as long of a line as possible at the security check points. Nope, no shoe bombers here.

My mom is flying out to be with my great aunt in Michigan (she was the reason Jessie & I included Michigan in our vacation). My aunt is 80 and change and has survived every medical problem ever thrown at her quite remarkably. Some people beat cancer once. Nope, she's done it twice. Well, she's been sick lately and they just can't figure out what's wrong. So, they told her yesterday that they are supposed to go in today and do some laparoscopic exploratory surgery. For you and I, that probably wouldn't be a problem... But she's had respiratory problems in the past and those could be complicated with anesthesia. Also, there are some other factors that make a basic "procedure" more interesting that it should be. My aunt, who is very independent, told my mom that she could fly up if "she wanted to." When people as independent as my aunt give you that choice... It means come on up.

So, I guess today is a time to wait and watch and see what happens. I'm usually quite optimistic about things... And I'm certainly not feeling negative. But I'm reserved. I worry about what could happen or what they may find. So, if you're throwing happy thoughts around... Feel free to send some north. Well, that is if you're south of Lansing. :)
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