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Checking in...

How do I manage to disappear like I do? I mean... one minute, I'm all dedicated to updating regularly... And in the next, I'm "poof -- all gone." It's not like have nothing to write about.

Tuesday morning, I went to work for a 36-hour shift. I managed to get a brush fire, a couple of interesting medicals, an odd-ball medical, a hazardous materials call, a fire alarm and an interesting service call. Thrown in were my first fire safety presentation since before EMT school (approx. two months) and some hydrant testing. Of course, most of this was in 90+ degree heat.

After I got off about 45 minutes late tonight, I headed home to meet up with Christy. I hadn't laid eyes on her since the week we decided to call it friends in February. We'd planned to go out tonight... and although nothing we plan usually works out, the evening was a success. We had a mediocre dinner at the Olive Garden and drinks at this piano bar I like. We came out and hung out on my bed for a while, making out and talking. It was fairly innocent. Wow. Fairly innocent fun. I forgot what that was like.
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