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This must mean I'm a bastard.

Do you ever have those folks that you just love to read. Perhaps we're talking "real journal" here... or just LiveJournal. Regardless, you enjoy it when they give you some new stuff to digest. But you never get to enjoy much... 'cause the bastards never update. It just hit me. I don't know how much you kids "enjoy" reading me... but I've certainly become one of those non-updating bastards. Sorry.

I attribute my general lack of writing to my wishy-washy outlook on life at the moment. In one second, I'm totally content with my exsistence. In the next, there is little I wouldn't want to change. Certainly, the big picture shows some things I really enjoy (my job, for instance) with some things I'm very unsettled about (the topic of relationships springs to mind). I feel the need to sort all of this out, but I have no idea where to begin. And, thus, without some direction... I can't manage to write about any of it, either.

Another problem that's plagued me lately is my poor performance as a friend. I'm so out of the loop with many people -- both online and off. We're talking complete and total neglect of those I care about here. And I as bad as I feel about it... I just never seem to get around to fixing things. Sigh.

Okay, I've vented. I'm better now. I think I'm off to enjoy a late Easter lunch with my family. Happy Easter to all.

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