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No news is... Well... No news.

I'm not necessarily the most patient person in the world. But when everyone is antsy... well, I can always try to be the voice of calm & reason. Well, that routine is getting old. We're now into the third day of this mess and we still know very little.

This morning, they transfered my mom to a hospital here in Franklin... So, she's is capable hands and just over the hill from my apartment. The small 50-bed hospital in Smallville is nice for your average generic illness... But so far, whatever is plaguing my mom seems anything but average & generic.

Her new, big city surgeon is supposed to stop by this afternoon around 5 p.m. I'm at my apartment now and headed back to the hospital shortly. I snuck off long enough to pay my rent and get some things together. I'm going into work tonight at 7 p.m. I was supposed to be there during today, too, but I swapped shifts with someone so I could be there for the transfer, admission, etc.

Wednesday, it was easy to be calm. The same act on Thursday wasn't difficult, either. But now, in the middle of the afternoon on Friday, I'm tired. I'm ready to know what's wrong... And to know what lies ahead for my mom and my family. I'm ready to make something happen. I'm ready for some good news, too. I'm not really up for anything shitty. So, please throw some love our way and let's pray for the best.
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