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News from the front.

So, by my lack of an update yesterday, I gave you guys two options. Either I was being typical Fletch and just not posting... Or I got bad news, suddenly had to leave work in Lakeland & drive home. Uh, yeah... The latter would be correct.

They've found cysts in five spots in her abdomen. She was admitted into the hospital yesterday so they could dope her up and control her pain. The thing is... The doctor can't say for certain what we're dealing with. Certainly, cancer is the worst case scenario.

Some moms knit. Some moms cook. My mom's hobby has often been worry. Of course, the possibility of cancer has cranked this tendency into overdrive. At the moment, I'm the only family member at the hospital. Too many friends & family alike seem to have assumed a gloomy approach. I'm having to offset them all with the happiest attitude in the world. My mom has a lot of friends. I'm having to dish out a lot of happy. And oddly enough, the happier I am the crankier I feel. heh.

Actually, my attitude really is good. We don't know that it's cancer. And if it's cancer, we don't know that we can't beat it. I see no cause for worrying until we know what we're facing. On the other hand, I'm a realist... And I've given *every* possible scenario some thought over the past 20 hours or so.

For now, we hurry up and wait. She faces more doctors and tests tomorrow... When I know something, I'm sure I'll write something. Or, as poor old Dan Rather was forced to say... "When news breaks out, we'll break in."

Thanks for everyone's support. It means a lot.
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