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This just in...

My mom called me an hour before lunch today. She's been having issues with nausea and abdominal pain. The doctor thought that it might have been her gallbladder acting up, so they did an ultrasound this morning. It seems that the gallbladder is okay, but they found what could be some cysts behind the gallbladder. She was supposed to have a CAT scan or MRI done this afternoon to take a better look.

On top of being sick and feeling three shades of crappy, she's worried about this. Of course, that's what my mom is good at -- worry. My brother just called me from school. He's been doing informal polling among the health sciences majors he knows. As for myself, well... I'm thinking about it all... But I'm going to hold off on worrying until I find out that there is something to worry about.

My day had turned really crappy early but quickly recovered. I'm hoping to complete a repeat performance of that when my mom calls me with a positive update soon.
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