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The future

Friday, a buddy of mine were talking on the phone. He asked when I thought we'd see the "Shock & Awe" campaign on Baghdad. I predicted that it would come within 24 hours. No more than a minute later, he told me to flip over to a news channel -- the attack had begun.

Saturday, as that same buddy was relieving me at work, he told me about a certain patient that we run on often. For a while, the patient had episodes where they had difficulty breathing. My buddy told me that chest pains had become part of the patient's symptoms. He predicted that we'd run on them as a cardiac code soon. Later that night, that patient died.

With two back-to-back predictions successful, I watch what sort of conversations I have with this guy. Certainly, I listen closely when we talk about the NCAA tournament... And I know that if he ever tells me to go to Hell, I'll go ahead and pull out my summer wardrobe.
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