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A sad day in the neighborhood

Mister Rogers is dead.
And with that, I guess that childhood can't last forever.

I was never a Sesame Street kind of guy. I preferred life in "The Neighborhood." Mr. McFeely's Speedy Delivery. Picture, Picture. The Neighborhood of Make-Believe. King Friday XIII. X the Owl. Daniel the Tiger. The Trolley. Oh, yeah... I wanted a trolley that ran from tracks in my living room into another world.

My mom and I would watch it together when I was but a very small version of the Fletch you know today. When I catch an episode while flipping through channels now, I still stop and take a trip down memory lane. At times, it seems a little cheezy compared with the other shows we have on television... But I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. Mister Rogers taught lessons that every small kid can appreciate... Like the fact that you won't sink down the drain in the tub when taking a bath and that, even in times of war, children should be well taken care of.

Yep, Mister Rogers was a good thing. And as one of the biggest kids I know, I have no shame in mourning his passing. Rest in peace.

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