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How quickly things change

Hey kids... No need to worry about the Valentine's Day plans any longer. Fletch will be single for the holiday. Christy and I had a conversation tonight about moving too fast... about what we were shooting for and what we had established. I'm not sure that we came up with any answers. Well, other than we're not dating. That month went quickly.

I don't know how I feel. I made the comment that Valentine's Day was easier when I was single. I was right. Although, now that everyone has thrown some quality ideas my way (on LJ and elsewhere)... I feel kind of sad. Christy suggested we get drunk and spend Valentine's night in bed acting goofy. I passed on that offer. I don't know what I'll end up doing or who I'll do it with, but it probably shouldn't be her right now.

Tonight was the first time she'd ever left my place before morning. I know that makes us sound bad... But only once was it ever anything but innocent. It feels odd to know that she was just here, but that I'm about to go to bed alone. I spent 24 years in a twin bed. My queen seems more than empty when I'm sleeping solo. I kissed her good-bye. I'm going to savor that for a while. Strangely, I'm not too sad. To be really sad, you have to lose something... and we were only in the early stages of things. We hadn't really established our something yet.

Of course, I've lost the chance at something. And that's reason enough to be just a bit melancholy. ::sigh::
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