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Decisions, decisions

Okay... So here's the deal. It's now the week of Valentine's Day and I haven't settled on a plan for Christy & I. I just don't know what's appropriate. This would be our seventh date, which doesn't sound like a lot... But every date we've ever had has turned into a sleepover (some more innocent than others). So, what I'm trying to say is that we've spent a lot of time together... I want to do right by her on VD -- er, Valentine's Day.

So, I'd love to hear some ideas. Right now, is rolling her eyes because she's given me two fantastic ideas. I'm just worried that they may be too fantastic for this early in a relationship.

I know I've got a lot of women reading the ol' LJ... So I'm needing some folks to chime in for me. Otherwise, I'll be devestated. Stuff like this is why you have a friends list. ;-
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