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Thoreau? Or Fletch?

I met up with an old friend Thursday night and ended up staying up and talking until 5:30. Friday, I slept until early afternoon. Now, my sleep schedule is all wacky and I'm awake at 6:44 a.m. looking through old e-mail.

Among the things I've stumbled across is a Henry David Thoreau quote that Macy sent me one time... Saying that it sort of fit me. Perhaps. What do you think?

"I fear only lest my expressions may not be extravagant enough-may not wander far enough beyond the narrow limits of our ordinary insight and faith. I desire to speak somewhere without bounds in order that I may attain to an expression in some adequate to truth of which I have been convinced. From a man in a waking moment to men in their waking moments. Wandering toward the more distant boundaries of wider pastures..."
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