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Much better now, thank you.

It's amazing the difference a few hours can make.

When I wrote my last LJ entry, I was feeling completely and totally wacked out. I was frustrated with many things, and writing about the things that confuse and trouble me didn't help my disposition.

It's a tradition for my mom to bake me a birthday cake, cover it with icing and then for me to decorate it. I know... a little strange, but usually pretty entertaining nevertheless. Well, on top of all the heavy stuff my mind has been contemplating lately... I couldn't think of *any* ideas for the cake. I could feel my frustration building with everything and everyone around me. A birthday cake almost became the proverbial straw. God help the proverbial camel and his back.

What happened instead was that I left for Wal-Mart to buy decorative icing and got side-tracked by a fire. I overheard a page for the Smallville Department and I happened to be close, so I caught a ride with the engine... Something about a little firefighting (am I nuts for helping a department that no longer pays me?) on an unseasonably warm night helped clear my brain. I left the fire feeling better about everything.

I ended up coming up with a decent concept (not my best, not my worst) for the cake... And the camel's back is okay. Happy ending for everyone. Now, I'm going to try to catch a nap or something so I don't end up sleeping my birthday away.
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