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I've consumed 4.5 vodka & sprites.
I've e-mailed Amy to lament how I occasionally miss our days in D.C.
I've been talking for two hours to the married girl I really dig.
I'm drunk because I've drank too much vodka.
I should go to bed because I have to be at work in less than 7 hours.
I'm lonely, happy, horny & sad all in one.
I have candles lit... and mellow music playing.
Natalie called earlier... but i was on the phone to married chick.
I didn't switch over. I feel bad for this.
Married girl said that if we had sex, we'd probably laugh at each other.
When I'm sober, I'd like to be married girl's lover.
When I'm drunk, I don't mind being married girl's friend.
Explain that.
Oh, yeah... And by the way... I think I've fallen for Jenifer Robin.
Dammit... I really shouldn't have said that.
I guess that's what happens when you drink too much.
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