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Hellacious? Okay, so not quite.

One of the local middle schools offers a CPR/safety class as one of their electives. Because my department is very proactive and our chief believes in a lot of public education, we volunteer to teach it once a week. For all but three weeks of the fall semester, I helped teach CPR to the mix of 5th, 6th & 7th graders. Today, the guy that normally leads the instruction was on vacation and I had the entire class to myself.

It wasn't so long ago that I was a student... You know, like five months ago. For that reason, I'm a pretty laid back guy when it comes to teaching fire classes to kids, adults and fellow firefighters. All I really expect is that folks pay just a bit of attention and, at the least, not spend their time distracting others.

Today, I had to deal with kids who didn't want to put up their magazines... Kids that tried to fly paper airplanes in class... Kids that absolutely. refused. to. shut. up... And one kid that didn't want to be there (it's an elective!) and didn't mind telling me and everyone else.

In the end, though, I think everything worked out. The kids that wanted to learn did. The kids that didn't care still don't. I think the former had a good time... And I think some of the latter did, too. For a couple of classes on a Friday afternoon, I consider that a success.

Once more, I'm going to have to throw some love jenifer's way. I had the knowledge to teach the class, but her tips allowed me to deliver the material in a better way.
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