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A friend of mine is on her way to visit. It's the first time we've ever actually seen each other. Our friendship started through Deadline Pressure. She was a fan (although she hates it when I call her such)... and she e-mailed me a few times... and now we're going to meet. (In reality, that story line took many months to run its course).

A few days ago, I was somewhat wiggy about it all. I know the Internet is a new and (in younger circles) approved way of meeting friends and such. Yet, sometimes, it still seems a bit wierd. But now... with our meeting less than an hour away. I'm not nervous at all. I'm not worried about what will happen. Underneath all of that, however, the thought has crossed my mind that my lack of worry indicates that something terrible will indeed happen. And in the event that something terrible does happen... I wanted to record my prediction on LiveJournal. Here's hoping that I'll be laughing about this post tomorrow. ;-)
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