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After more than a month of doing the rabbit ears thing, I now have more than a handful of television options... I've got digital cable! The guy came this morning to set me up with my cable box and access to the 195 channels offered in the cheap digital plan.

He also left me with a channel guide and documentation that is anything but clear and specific. What is it with cable companies and confusing documentation? Everywhere I've been, cable company documents have always been confusing. Obviously, this is a vast left-wing conspiracy by the man to hold us down.

Of course, I only signed up for the digital cable because they're offering a special. After a few months (when the intro price disappears), I may be forced to give up the box and settle for the mere 70 basic cable channels. Of course... I've been living with a clear signal from the ABC & CBS affiliates, a double-image on the NBC channel, a fuzzy FOX, and variable signals from PAX, PBS and the local religious channels. So, really, I guess it's all uphill from that, eh?
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