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From the old e-mail survey file...

*Whole Name Thomas Fletcher
*Nicknames Fletch
*Zodiac sign Sag.
*E-mail: You should know.
*Eyes/Hair: Brownish.
*Height: Not tall.
*Pets: None.

*Been in Love: I've had my moments.
*Had an online romance: Nope.
*Left the country: Nope.
*Been so drunk u blacked out: Yep.
*Taken an illegal substance: Nope.
*Gone out in public in your pajamas: Nope.
*Missed school b/c it rained: Yep.
*Set any body part on fire for amusement: Nope.
*Kept a secret from everyone: Yep.
*Actually thrown shoes onto a phone wire: Nope.
*Had an imaginary friend: Nope.
*Ever cried @ a chick Flick: Nope.
*Had a crush on a teacher: Nope.
*Done something stupid to impress a crush: Don't think so.
*Called or seen a psychic: Nope.
*Planned your week based on the TV Guide: Nope.
*Prank called sum1: Yep.
*Been on stage: Yep.
*Gotten in a car accident: Yep.
*Made homemade fudge: Yep.
*Seen the Eiffel Tower: In pictures.

*Shampoo: Pert Plus.
*Soap: Right Guard.
*Colors: Yellow, Blue, Red & Green.
*Day/Night: Night
*Band: No one fav. band.
*Type(s) of music: Almost everything.
*Commercial: Not sure.
*Sandwich: PB&J.
*Coffee or Hot chocolate: Hot Chocolate.
*Cold or Hot: Cold.
*Big or little: Depends.
*Here or There: For me, here is there.
*Red or Blue: Depends.
*New or Old: Depends.

*Do you have a b/f or g/f: Don't think so.
*Crush: Don't think so.
*Do you have a best friend: Yes.
*Do you rank your speed dial in order of favorites: Nope.
*Who do you E-mail the most: My best friend, Jessie
*Who do you cry in front of: I try not to cry.

*Cried: Nope.
*Helped someone: It's my job to help.
*Cut your hair: Thought about it.
*Worn a tie: Nope.
*Been mean: Define "mean." :-)
*Been sarcastic: Probably.
*Gone for a walk: Walked all over a wharehouse today.
*Gone to the movies: Nope.
*Gone out for dinner: Nope.
*Felt stupid: I don't think so.
*Said "I love you": Nope.
*Written a letter: Not even e-mail.
*Met someone new: I meet new people every day.
*Written in a journal: Nope, but I needed to.
*Watched your favorite movie: Nope.
*Given someone a present: Nope.
*Had a serious talk: Nope.
*Missed someone: Perhaps.
*Hugged someone: Don't think so.
*Had a nightmare: Nope.
*Fought with your parents: Nope.
*Fought with a friend: Nope.
*Been scared: Nope.

*Wished upon a star: It's been a while.
*Laughed until you cried: It's been a while.
*Watched the sunrise/sunset: Last month... after an early morning fire.
*Read a book for fun: Not since Christmastime.
*Told someone you hated them: I don't tell people that I hate them. Sure, it might have happened before... but I don't remember it.
*Did you mean it: See above.
*Lied to sound good: Not in a long while.
*Ditched a friend for a girl/guy: I did it once accidentally, but its been a while.
*Did something out of character:
*Showered: It's usually a daily thing for me.
*Ate a meal: Hours ago.
*What are you wearing right now: My uniform.
*Are you lonely: Not usually.
*Are you happy: Usually..
*Are you wearing pajamas: Nope.
*Are you hungry: Nope.
*Are you eating: Nope.
*Are you talking to someone online: Nope.

*Yourself: Usually.
*Your friends: Yep.
*Aliens: Maybe.
*Love: For sure.
*Signs: Stop signs? Sure. :-)
*That there is one person for everyone: At least one.
*Psychic Powers: Maybe.
*The Big Bang Theory: God said "bang," and it was.
*Government Conspiracies: Yep.
*That squirrels are evil: Huh?
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