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Monday, Monday

As far as Mondays go... I think I fared well today.

My 12-hour shift didn't seem as long as it did on several days last week and I managed to stay busy with (mostly) meaningful tasks. I had an interesting medical run in the morning and ran some errands for the department. After dinner, I did some hydrant testing, played some Yahoo! pool and road the streets of the city until my ass hurt trying to learn street names. I imagine that I'll be doing plenty of the latter for many more days to come.

After I got home, I warmed up a couple of slices of Papa John's pizza, did two miles worth of a sort of power walk (mixed with a bit of running) up and down the large hilly area near my apartment. I then jumped into the extremely frigid pool and swam a few laps.

I'm about to throw my uniform stuff into the dryer and head to bed. If I feel half as accomplished at this time tomorrow night, I do believe that I'll be happier than a hound dog with two peters. heh, heh.
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