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Hey kids. Sorry that I've kept you out of the loop... But I've been more than busy with the new job. Monday, I worked eight hours. Tuesday was 12. And yesterday was a 14.5 hour day. Of course, I'm still not through because we work a 53 hour week.

The folks that I'm working with are a pretty good group of guys and gals. There are certainly a couple of odd ones... But aren't there always in any bunch? My shifts have been fairly slow and uneventful. However, I've still got a few weeks of rookie training ahead of me to fret about... And I'm sure I'll be kept more than busy during that experience.

I'd elaborate more, but I need to be at work in about a half-hour. Entires! Entries! Entries! I know you want 'em. And I want to write 'em. But all I can say is that they are coming.
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