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Day One

For some reason, I'm always tired after a "Day One." Regardless of what job I've had or what grade of school I was in, I always came home after the first day worn out. Today was no exception. While a couple of friends IMed me with no response earlier this evening, I laid down in the living room floor and slept. I was very tired... But that's okay because it was a very good first day.

I spent most of my time riding the streets of Lakeland in the engine. The community isn't large geographically speaking, but it has more than enough small streets with similar sounding names. It's going to be an experience learning them all. The afternoon was filled with a few chores and my first run as a Lakeland firefighter -- an investigation of a smell of smoke.

It'd different being a probie firefighter again. In Smallville, I had a couple of years of experience under my belt. I had a general idea of what was going on and I could easily bullshit my way through what I didn't know. Now, I'm the bottom man on the totem pole. I've gotta make sure I dot my i's and cross my t's all over again. It's good for me, I'm sure. Everyone has to pay their dues.

Now it's time to rest & reload for day two. I do so feeling good about my decision to come to Lakeland. So many reasons keeping popping up to reinforce that fact, too. There are more personnel here (and more people means more flexibility). There are also more benefits here and a better idea of the right way to do things. The chance to grow and prosper is greatest here, also. If there is one thing a 24-year-old guy needs... it's the chance to grow and prosper. I'm too young to simmer.
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