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Eye on the ball

You know... I think I've neglected some of my friends in the last month. I've been so focused on the job search that I've had blinders on. I'm hoping that signing the lease to my new place tomorrow and starting the job Monday will fix that situation. With those worries out of the way, maybe things can return to normal.

I know that I'm looking forward to normal for the first time in a while. Granted, this will be a new and improved normal for me... But I welcome it nevertheless. I'm tired of feeling like I do now. Here I am... sitting at the computer... with more than enough stories worthy of journal entries... But am I writing? Nope. That's because I can't seem to focus on anything very long other than the new job. It's not Monday yet. The blinders are still on. Of course, maybe that's a good thing. As many Little League coaches tell their players, "you want to keep your eye on the ball until it crosses the plate." I think that advice applies here, too.

Well, I'd babble more... But I'm going to bed for a morning nap. I had to drive a couple of hours last night to pick up Jessie from the airport and we got in late. I managed to sleep for about six hours, but woke up earlier than I needed. It doesn't help that I was up all night Tuesday (literally... I didn't go to be until almost 7 a.m. yesterday) because of a fire.
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