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Problems and solutions

Procrastination gets you nowhere in life. I know this. I really do. It's set in concrete in my head. The problem is... I just don't practice it.

Its damn near morning and I just finished a presentation I'm supposed to give in class less than seven hours from now. It's not my best effort... but it's certainly not my worst and that's part of my problem. I'm not worth anything four days ahead of schedule... but I seem to do pretty good on deadline pressure.

Okay, so I've identified my problem. Now how do I go about solving it? Who knows... But this must wait until another time. I'm relieved to be done with my project but am quite tired. Because my first class is almost four hours from now... I probably shouldn't go to sleep. But I probably shouldn't stay up and think, either. That would only produce more rambling entries like this one... and who needs that?

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