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I feel like an Enron employee. My mother became the owner of a paper shredder several weeks ago and it's been sitting unused in its box since that time. Today, the temptation was too great. I looked over at it and decided that I just *had* to put it through its paces. I've been shredding all sorts of things since then. (Can you tell that I need a job?)

Speaking of the job search, there are some possibilities out there. I've got a couple of really good opportunities that are up in the air. I've only been out of school a couple of weeks, so I'm not feeling TONS of pressure yet... But it would be nice to know what's next in life. When I find out something, I'll let you guys know. Until then... everything's gotta be kept on the W.D.L. (the way down low - heh, heh).

Of course, while were talking about the job search... If you are the praying kind... I'll take all the help I can get. :-)

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