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7-2 | Nuptials

As of yesterday, Alex has a new last name. It was one year to the day of their first date.

Thus, this morning marks one year to the day of me typing these words:
"So I sincerely hope she finds happiness soon. Sure, it might absolve me of a little guilt... but mostly its because I do love her in a 'I want what's best for you' kind of way. To have such feelings and to be able to categorize them properly feels very mature to me. if there is truth to this feeling, I've come a long way in the last few years."

I've come even further in the year since. I love Alex. I will always love Alex. But I love Jessie and the life we've made together even more. For a long time, I lived life with one foot in the present and the other firmly planted in the memories of my yesterdays. You can't commit to anything while straddling a fence. And you can't find happiness without commitment.
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