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Jessie and I took a road trip today to watch some folks we know from college get married. It was about four-hours from Oakdale, but there were plenty of people from there in attendance. In a way, it was wierd because a realy big chunk of the people I know from school were there. I made the comment that I saw more Oakdale people at a wedding in a different state than I do when I'm actually in Oakdale.

The real perk of the trip was seeing a gal I used to be interested in. She was at school for my first two years in Oakdale before she graduated and headed off to med school. We've always had fun picking on each other... to the point where I think it might be insulting if we *didn't* pick on each other. Anyhow, I hadn't seen her since November and I sort of forgot how cool it is to have her around. Being around her sort of returned a glow to me that I'd been missing for a few days.

For reasons unknown to me, I've been cranky and agitated for much of the week. Jessie suggests that it has to do with the uncertainty of my future. I'll buy that, but I also think there must be other contributing factors. What those are I'm not sure, though. More than one person has suggested I get my shit together and figure out what's what. Sounds like that'd make a good journal entry.
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