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10-4 | Timing

"No love, no friendship can cross the path of our destiny
without leaving some mark on it forever."
- Francois Mauriac

Last night, I was laying across my bunk at work and trying to let my brain vegetate a bit. I'd just completed an online lab assignment for the college biology class I'm taking this semester. I'm not sure how I found myself in the archives of Deadline Pressure, but that's where I ended up. I jumped around a bit and thought about all of the reasons I don't write as frequently and why I don't write the same way I once did.

Reading the old stuff was entertaining. It always is. Every once in a while, I'll read some old writing and be reminded of something I'd completely forgotten. Last night, I was reminded of details I'd forgotten about a little five or six-date relationship I'd attempted back in early 2003. The girl's name was Christy. Of any girl I've ever spent time with, she was the most unlikely to ever date me. We came from different worlds, had different friends and had much different interests. But for a few weeks in January and February 2003, we came together in a way that has stuck with us for the last eight years.

This spring, she'd found me on Facebook and wrote to say that she was getting married in the fall. She also said, "[I thought] what a very special person you are to me. Even though we didn't spend too much time together, I still think of you often and hope you're well. You are honestly the most thoughtful person I think I have ever met! I know this is probably really weird, and I don't mean it in a weird way at all. I just wanted to tell you and thank you for letting me be a little part of your life."

What's strange and peculiar and cool about all of this is that I saw wedding photos of her when I logged into Facebook this morning. I'd been completely oblivious to the fact that her getting married in "the fall" meant she was getting married yesterday. So, that means that as I was walking down memory lane last night, she was walking down the aisle. Coincidence? Probably. But I can't help but wonder if it's a sign of the way we each occupy a minuscule part of the other person. And that's what is great about having friendships and relationships... Some aren't designed to last forever (or longer than a few weeks, even), but the impact they have on us might.

JANUARY 28, 2003:

"Christy is about five feet, six inches. She got's short hair... The kind that doesn't reach the shoulders and sort of flips out at the bottom. When I met her, her hair was dark. Now, it's dark with highlights. She's cute either way. She's got a braces smile without ever suffering through orthodontics. She says she likes me because I remember obscure things she says... Most people say that I annoy them because I don't remember things they say. I have no idea what any of this means. Like so much stuff in my life lately, a lot of different things had to fall into place for us to meet. She's led an interesting life. If we'd met any time before now, I'm not sure we would get along as well. She's ticklish. She's creative. She's 21... yeah... I know. She's closer to my brother's age than she is to mine. I don't care. She's a college senior. As crazy as it seems, it feels good to be around college students again. It feels better to know I'm not one any more. Christy & I don't have a whole lot in common. We both like green grapes and Dave Matthews and, well, we both wear shoes. So far, that seems like enough.

I don't know, but I think I may like this girl...
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