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An update from the front

I *do* want to update the journal.

I want to write about graduation and how there were only a couple moments that seemed to affect me. I want to tell you how how weird it feels to have a key ring without keys to the newspaper office, the darkroom, my old inner office and to our building. Those keys have been on that ring for almost four years. I want to tell you about the wreck we worked the other day and how it felt to look at a dying 10-year-old girl. I'd like to bitch about how I've been sick since *last* Wednesday and how I didn't get to enjoy graduation night because of it. I want to try to convey how weird it feels to not be a student. I want to write about these and a million other things... But it's just not happening. I don't know why. I see the pictures in my head that I want to describe, but the words just don't come. I'm working on it, though. And I'll tackle all of these topics (and more, I'm sure). It just won't be today.

Stick with me... we'll get there.
Tags: fire, journal, sick

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