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1-19 | You could bump your head

Yesterday, I found myself babysitting a fire alarm system in a building under construction. The system was hell bent on activating once every eight minutes -- almost on the dot. There was no fire. There was no smoke. But if we'd left it in the shape it was in, we would have been dispatched for a fire alarm every eight minutes. It just didn't seem like the best use of the fire department.

So, while we were waiting on telephone calls from the owner and the alarm company, I wandered about the property. I usually keep a small camera in my pocket when I'm at work. No one seems to mind the fireman taking pictures of things as long as I'm discreet about it. During my wandering, I found the pool and heeded the warning. I didn't jump.

No diving.
No diving.
You could hurt your head... Or, it would seem, step on a nail.

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