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72 hours, 17 minutes until this 10-pager is due

Fourteen years ago, I was a senior in high school. I had a near fatal case of senioritis and one of the few things that saved me from flunking in the spring semester was our SENIOR TERM PAPER.

Typing it in italicized caps doesn't really do the thing justice. If there was some way I could embed an mp3 of trumpets heralding, it might better represent the significance this paper carried our senior year. I don't remember how weighted it was within our grade, but I do remember that the importance of this paper was hammered into our brains all three years of high school. We were told how many of these papers we'd have to write in college. We were told how important it was to our grade and how that everything we learned would be used in the SENIOR TERM PAPER.

Well, I knocked it out in similar fashion to how I've completed most every other significant assignment of the last two decades -- at the last minute. And much like modern day, I did it with Jessie spending quality time proofreading it and preventing me from sounding like a complete idiot. I pulled up my grade, passed senior English and graduated high school ready to take on the world and somewhat fearful of these many term papers I'd have to write in college.

I'm not sure how I did it, but do you know how many research papers I wrote before I graduated with my bachelor's degree? None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Zero. I did plenty of writing in college, but none it had to conform to APA or MLA style. I have a bachelor's degree on my wall -- one I worked fairly hard to earn -- and didn't have to properly cite one single source to get it.

Well, I'm making up for that now working on an associate's degree that I don't have to have.
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