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But, Mom... *Jen* was doing it.

If jen jumped off a bridge, would I? Eh... Probably not. But if she posted a cool list on her LJ, would I copy it to mine? You bet.

about fifteen years ago i:
1.) got glasses for the first time.
2.) lived in a different towns. had different friends. and my family was different, too.
3.) was in the third grade.

about ten years ago i:
1.) started illegally driving the family car.
2.) still played baseball. i miss it.
3.) wanted to work for a newspaper.

about five years ago:
1.) my complexion hated me.
2.) i moved back home from college.
3.) i worked for a newspaper.

about three years ago:
1.) i was at my present university.
2.) i tried dating Alex... tried to figure out why dating Alex didn't work out.
3.) i worked for a newspaper.

about one year ago:
1.) realized that i was roughly 40 hours + summer school away from graduating.
2.) i was officially welcomed in to the fire department.
3.) was still glowing from my 2000 trip to D.C.
4.) i worked for a newspaper.

today i:
1.) am six finals & 11 days from graduating.
2.) am uncertain what the future holds.
3.) am almost excited about #2.
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