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I was wrong (insert gasp here)

Well, the paper *was* long enough afterall. I was unsure this morning because I was using Windows' WordPad instead of a real, live grown-up word processor... And WordPad doesn't allow for double spacing. So I just wrote until I thought I had enough. It seems that I stopped at a good point and filled up five pages exactly.

I know that is sounds petty to fret over a tookie five-page paper... Especially when I know a guy who is in the middle of writing two 20-page papers that are 3,000 times more in-depth. Yet, so much was riding on me getting it done and done well. And I had a terrible time putting the blinders on and focusing on writing it.

Well, enough about that. Tonight will be my last night at the school paper. This is the final edition for me. No more. Then end of the road. Even if I do fail weather class and have to come back. I'm done with the paper. Of course, I can't celebrate too much. I've got a potentially tricky journalism management test tomorrow at 8 and an American Cinema final tomorrow night. ::sigh::
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