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When it rains...

I found out about an hour ago that I have a firefighting class tonight and tomorrow in a town about 70 miles from here. I volunteered for the class several weeks ago but never received confirmation. I've been hoping that I wasn't enrolled because I have a couple of big school projects this week. The classes are 6-10 every day and sort of shred the copious amounts of free time I'd usually have available to dedicate to school work.

I think, if anything, this proves that I'm perfect for a career in firefighting. Firefighters endure long periods of time where they do very little but when they get busy, they get busy in a hurry. My life runs an identical cycle. I spent the month of June doing absolutely nothing. July has been sort of busy and this week will be real busy. Before long, I'm sure I'll be back to doing nothing and being bored. Of course, that's only if I survive this week.
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