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Du kannst mir sehr gefallen!

There is never enough time in December. It can be a little overwhelming to think about all of the things that must be done in the first three weeks of this month every year... Parties... Christmas cards... Shopping... Hanging decorations.. The annual viewing of the Muppet Christmas Carol. It really does boggle the mind. But what there could never be enough time for is soaking up the ol' tannenbaum.

There are two trees at Casa de Fletcher and you can see them both from the black leather armchair in the living room. I could probably spend hours sitting in that chair and just sort of visually inhaling the trees. I realize I'm a grown man (quit laughing) of 31 years... but there's something that makes me feel six years old when you put a tree in a house and light it up.

Tannenbaum v2009.1 Tannenbaum v2009.1
This guy is a third-hand artificial tree that sold for less than $100 at a Wal-Mart 13 or 14 years ago (the sticker is still on the box). People think it's real when they lay eyes on it. I sort of feel old when I say, "they don't make 'em like they used to." Well, they don't.

The living room tree has a pretty nice mixture of ornaments from both Jessie & I. Merging our Christmas decor was an interesting experience. In her family, Christmas decorations don't necessarily carry any meaning. They buy ornaments because they look cool or, more likely, because they are on sale the day after Christmas. Meanwhile, 97.8% of the stuff on my familial tree back home has a story or meaning to it. I think our tree sort of leans toward the Fletch tradition. Most notable are the ornaments we've brought back from all of our travels. After our cruise this summer, our tree is now participating in NAFTA. All three countries are represented.

Tannenbaum v2009.2
We've got a red room, so we made the big creative leap to have a red tree in there. It is the artificial job I picked up during my bachelor days when I decided I didn't want to fool with dead needles.
Tannenbaum v2009.2

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