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'Tis done.

The paper is out of the way. Of course, I've got less than 22 hours to finish up a couple of units in my two classes and take the final regular online tests. The tests themselves shouldn't be hard, but shoving all of that knowledge into my brain in such a short order is liable to give me a headache.

You'd think it would be good to know that some things do not change. That doesn't apply, however, when the thing not changing is my piss poor time management skills during the seven years I've been out of college. Of course, considering it took me nearly 48 hours to write a five page paper (that's like 9+ hours per page), perhaps a Master's Degree is not in my future.

Speaking of 48 hours, I just did the math and I've been awake for 41 of the last 44 hours. It's just like college! Except that I'm older and more easily fatigued. At this rate, the hallucinations should begin any moment. I'll keep you posted.
Tags: college2, procrastination, public, sleep

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