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Dammit, Fletch... What's your deal?

I left the newspaper office about 9 p.m. Wednesday night with the intention of eating dinner and studying for a test I have in less than eight hours. Dinner was good. Studying... Well, that hasn't happened yet. If I'm on here come May 18th and I'm bitching about not graduating... Well, I want you to ask me if I remember April 24th and why graduating didn't seem important enough for me to study then.

Okay, so don't ask me that... Because that will only make the depression worse. But I want you to think it at least, so I'll have to deal with the shame of knowing my adoring public is disappointed with me.

Of course, I could just graduate and avoid the entire mess. Or, I could go study now. Hmmm. I think I could be on to something.
Tags: college

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